The Kinman Process™


Kinman Design Associates has earned the reputation as one of America's most recognized landscape design-build firms. For over 40 years, KDA has been producing award-winning design-build projects. The key to KDA's success has been its unique collaborative design process.  We call it E3 We simply take the time to Enlighten, Educate and Empower each one of our clients so that our landscape designs are actually inspired and propelled by our clients!

Since we know that there are no two snowflakes or fingerprints exactly alike, nor should there be two landscapes that are identical.  At KDA we facilitate a landscape design process that assures your fingerprint is in your project!

Step 1: First Contact

  • When you call (or we call back because you contact us), KDA will take some information, give you some homework, and schedule a sit-down meeting with you.
  • Your homework will include gathering pictures of your dream landscape from magazines, Websites, neighbors, friends, or our own Kinman Gallery.

Step 2: Initial Meeting

  • KDA will introduce you to the “Kinman Process”
  • KDA will familiarize you with their design process by sharing relevant examples of similar projects
  • KDA will review your homework/input (see above)
  • KDA will review your existing architectural plan and site plans
  • KDA will use above information to determine the scope of your project and initial design fee
  • Design letter of Agreement is presented for you to retain KDA services

Step 3: Design Program

  • KDA does on-site analysis recording site assets and constraints
  • KDA will develop conceptual design based on client input and site data
  • KDA will develop initial cost estimates based on conceptual ideas
  • KDA will present conceptual plans and budgets to client
  • Your input at this point will determine the direction of final schematic plan and budgets
  • "Letter of Intent" is presented

Step 4: Approval & Completion

  • KDA finalizes schematic plan and contract for construction
  • Review of contract details
  • Review of Production scheduling
  • KDA and you sign the contract, agreeing on scope of work and cost
  • KDA and its subcontractors break ground to complete construction





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